Minnesota Lakes:


Below is a brief description of many Minnesota Lakes. Most of them include a contour map. I have found when you are going to fish a Minnesota Lake, that you should check out the contour map.

If you are going to fish a Minnesota Lake, it is important that you know the regulations for that Minnesota Lake.

Lake Bemidji
Lake Irving and Lake Marquette
Plantagenet Lake
Frontenac Lake
Newman Lake
Hennepin Lake

Evergreen Lake
Grace Lake
Midge Lake
Little Wolf Lake
Wolf Lake
Stump Lake

Lake Andrusia
Cass Lake
Big Lake
Kitchi Lake
Moose Lake
Pimushe Lake

North Twin Lake
Benjamin Lake
Gilstad Lake
Ribideau Lake
Blackduck Lake
Medicine Lake

Upper Red Lake
Gull Lake
Turtle River Lake

More to come!