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comprehensive report for last week

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 1:07 pm    Post subject: comprehensive report for last week Reply with quote

Here is my much anticipated fishing report for the week of July 10, 2006.

Arrived Saturday at approx 5:30. Right on time. (10 Hours) After supper it was too late to try an unknown lake.

Sunday-got some much needed rest in the morning and I was still believing in the "no need to get up early in Cass Lake" fantasy. Went to town. Afternoon went with Brian Jones at around 2 pm trolling open water structure for muskies. I expected this to be slow and it was. We marked several schools of bait, but not so much as a small pike. After a quick dinner at the Chippewa Paws, we started out for walleye over the tops of bars anywhere from 4 to 10 feet of water. We were pulling a couple of different shad raps. Nothing until about 9:15. My 11 year old lands a 14" wally. A few minutes later, the kid picks up the biggest rock bass I have ever seen. If memory serves it went about 14 inches. We put it in the livewell for future pics. Over the course of the next 30 minutes or so action was slow. Then the same kid starts killing em. During the next hour, the 11 year old lands 6 more walters (all between 12-15 inches) The 13 year old gets 2 and the old man (me) gets skunked. Chris (the 11 year old) was using a chartreuse and white although I don't remember what Joe, Brian or I was using. We kept returning the fish to the water looking for the little bigger ones which never came. Around 11:30 we decided to call it quits and get a photo of the rock bass, but before I can snap the picture, the fish wiggles and the kid drops back in the drink. So there's no actual proof he ever caught a rock bass that night.

Monday-still believing the myth I got a little more rest and hit the water around 9 am looking for walleye or perch in the shallows. More like wasted time. Went back out after supper to troll the wishbone bar with the kids. We were all over that thing with 6 different baits, tried backtrolling to slow the thing down, deeper water around the bar, shallow water on top of the bar……proved one thing-I don't know squat about walleye. From what I can tell we did everything text book.

Tuesday-time to get serious. On the water around 6 am looking for toothy fish around the north side of marclay point. Threw bucktails and cranks for about an hour or so. Nothing. Moved up between the potato islands and Joe's (13 year old) request. Nice cabbage clumps in about 8 feet between pods of reeds. Throwing a parrot colored Buchertail nailed an upper 20's pike on second cast. Time between 7:30 and 8:00. Myth busted. Afternoon-picked up wife and Chris and headed to the main lake, but couldn't hold boat position in the wind. Ended up on southwest side of Dick's island jigging for perch. Caught a couple dozen all a little too small. NOT ONE of those fish was caught on a crawler-sorry guys. After supper me and kids headed up near the opening to Andrusia casting. Picked up another Pike.

Wednesday-on the water around 6 again with both kids. Started at our spot between the islands for about an hour and moved to the little cut in the weeds just north of the islands. Between a couple stands of reeds in some nice cabbage. Didn't see much of anything until about 6 casts into a chartreuse bulldawg raises a mid 40" musky. A few more casts and several bait changes later another follow by a smaller fish. But no convincing them to eat. Not back in time after supper to fish.

Thursday-Headed up into Andrusia Lake and fished the weeds from along the west shore. Picked up one pike. Joe and I pounded the water pretty hard that morning all along that side, but without any real success. Evening we fished right in Allen's Bay and got another Pike.

Friday-morning both kids out we went into Buck lake and picked up a small pike and Perch that hit a bait nearly as big as he was. Chris was jigging and picked up a couple of perch. We moved between the potato islands at Joe's request again and found a little school of rock bass that Chris did a number on while Joe and I looked for biguns'. After breakfast we decided to fish the reeds between the pug hole and the dam for perch. No such luck. Hot weather no on our side. I decided to try the deep water off the Turtle bar and after an agonizing 20 minutes with the locator ("why don't we just try it here, how much longer, I have to go potty, etc) Found a school in about 20 feet of water. With everybody using different tactics we gave em the whole nine yards. The next thing I know we're kicking panfish ass!!! Almost all fish taken on jig and minnow and a couple on leeches, but crawlers failed again. After about an hour and a half, it slowed down so we moved to the spot between the islands from the morning. We all switched to jigs and minnows and I tied a red metallic jig on my wife's line. Within 3 minutes of anchoring we were at it again, eventually picking up the biggest perch I have ever seen, and the biggest bluegill I have ever caught. My wife moved up to the casting seat to sun herself while fishing and the next thing I know, she's bending over the side going, "oh my God, oh my God, take the pole I can't, I can't" The rule when fishing with me is you hook it, you land it. So after a few minute struggle on an ultralight setup, I net her first pike. She's relieved, but mad I made her do it. The photo can be found in another post since I don't have all film back yet. Estimated length about 24". After supper, me and kids went to give the fish our last shot. After all week casting, going early every morning, setting anchors and busting ass fishing, in the 11th hour Joe finally comes up with a nice mid 20's pike. Yes that's kinda small, but for a 13 year old who worked so hard for it, it made my week.

In summary
1. You must be up early and fish late to catch toothy fish in Cass Lake.
2. The beginning of the week was much slower that the second half.
3. Crawlers are worthless there. It's jig and minnow.
4. There is at least one mid 40" musky still up there waiting for me next year. He should lose some sleep knowing I'll be back.

Total tally:
Zillions o perch-kept 24 all together. About a half dozen pike all back in the tank. Eight wallys. All back in the drink
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 5:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Again, nice report, makes me want to be there again.
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Master Angler

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, I'm always ready too FF. Anytime is a good time but summertime is just not my first choice to be hitting Cass.

Next yr Mf, June 9-16 with the rest of us Cass Lake Crazies.
But you will need some crawlers then! The kids will want their own boat to go after those big rockies and gills while you hunt down those muskies!
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